Workshops 2024

Upcoming workshops:

To be announced.


Previous workshops:

- Sunday 14 January (DUTCH VERSION) - Voor de beginnende of semi-ervaren krachtsporter

- Sunday 28 January (ENGLISH VERSION) - For the beginning or semi-experienced strength training athlete


Experience from our participants:

Anneke (68 years) 

"my main goal was to learn how to train better with the adjustments I need to make because of my rheumatism. It's important for me to keep my strength so I wanted to know what are the most important things I can do for that. I enjoyed the workshop a lot, I have a new gained motivation to bring in practice what I learned. There was a nice balance between theory and movement. I was very happy that I learned how to stand up from a low bench without pain and that I now understand how find connection with the right muscles, what an eye opener! But also about my mindset, that I need to make smaller goals that will lead me to my main goal, to keep my motivation and don't get overwhelmed."


Annita (50 years)

"I joined the workshop because I lost a bit of motivation and structure in my trainings. My goals are to get stronger and loose weight and I'm very curious to see what I can do better. I have been working on this for a while but my injuries and stress in my life have not made it easy. I have experience a lot of eye openers during the workshop, for example how much impact my breathing pattern can have on how I keep my focus during an exercise and how much it can impact my stress levels. I also learned that I don't have to be afraid of some exercises with my knee, because I now learned some focus points to make sure I use the right muscles and now I can control the movement. And that I should take things day by day, don't demand too much of myself when I'm in the gym and enjoy the process. Even if it takes a year, I know I can improve!"

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How much experience I need to have to do join this workshop?

Between 1 week or 1 year of strenght training. It's not important how strong you are as we adjust the exercises/weights to your own level.

If you are just starting with training we will guide you to start it directly well and teach you all the important basics.

If you are already training for a while but you have never trained with a trainer you might need still some adjustments to make more progress, even after 10 years of training there is always room for improvement or a new impuls to your muscles.

Why do I already need to have a gym membership?

Because the workshop will give you all the tools you need to upgrade your own training sessions. If you are not going to continue training, the workshop will give you a nice experience but it won't make you reach your goals, you will have to put the work in yourself after our afternoon.