Do you have daily discomfort and pains & aches that don't seem to go away?

Through the experience and knowledge of Paula, she can help you to figure out why your pains and aches don't seem to go away with just massages & treatments. There is a reason why your body doesn't want to release the tension in a certain muscle, which can lead to hard and painful muscles.

Paula specialises in providing you with the tools and guidance you need to figure out why this is happening.
You will learn to improve your movements, understand which muscles you cannot connect with yet and how to activate them. This is important because once you can connect to the right muscles, the once you are compensating with will start to be able to relax and recover. And soon you can move more confidently and with less pain.

Do you feel like you need continued guidance to, in time, be able to move correctly and pain free?

Then we would suggest you to book an assessment and then start with Personal Training sessions.

With this option you pay a fixed amount per session and you can book as many sessions as we agree you will need. (monthly payments)

Price per assessment session €150,-
Price per personal training session €65,-

Do you feel like you, once we have established where the problem comes from, will be able to train by yourself? 

Then we would suggest you to book an assessment and then start with the package deal.

With this option you will have 5 personal training sessions, followed by 8 and 8 weeks program you will do by yourself. The program will have your personalised exercises and you will be receiving video's with detailed explanation and focus points.

During 8 weeks you will have weekly contact moments to review your process.

Discount price €450,- (one payment)

Or you can contact me directly: