Kids Bootcamp - every Sunday morning at 10:00

We see that kids are more often fixated a bit too much on their screen time and being less and less active. Some kids are maybe a bit overwhelmed by team sports or doing activities with a ball etc, and then they loose interest in doing sports. We are offering a way for them to do sports activities where they feel safe, appreciated for who they are and to connect with other kids. Main goal is to improve their health but also their self confidence in life! If they learn to overcome obstacles in training they learn from that also for their daily life.


Martijn is providing kids bootcamps for the BSO Amforca since 2022 and has developed a really nice and FUN way to train the kids on their conditioning, strength, balance, basic motor skills and especially to improve their teamwork.


During last summer the bootcamp was at the beach in Scheveningen (next to HartBeach) and now in the winter period we have moved inside at One on One fitness in Bezuidenhout. Which is a perfect location with a lot of space to move. We use a lot of different tools (no machines) to make the training interesting, challenging and fun for the kids.


The group is a maximum of 6-8 kids and the age is from 7 till 12 years. Boys and girls are mixed and it's not needed to have any sports experience, we will start at their own level.


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