Testimonial Nutrition coaching, Priscilla Van Bohemen (48), Legal assistant

For years I had been on a too low calorie intake and the last 1.5 years extra low. I saw results so I continued like this independently, after all I saw results in the mirror. However, my body protested. I didn't listen to that. I kept going. Which resulted in less energy, less desire to exercise, delayed and irregular periods and I even got sick (a pilonidal cyst with abscess that has turned into a fistula). In short, a body that had become slim but was actually completely burned out.

Now I have my fat percentage measured by Martijn and that measurement has led me to the conclusion that my calorie intake has to go back to at least my maintenance level. This gives my body time to recover and reset. From there we will keep a close eye on my measurements and data and once we have found my maintenance level and the body has recovered, we will start the phase of clean bulking. We will keep a close eye on my measurements again, as I don't want to increase too much in fat percentage.

Happy with these refreshing insights thanks to Martijn. Thanks to him, my eyes have really opened. Besides my data, he also keeps track of me mentally, how I feel through out the process. For this we schedule a personal or online meeting every other week. Happy and grateful to have my mojo back!


Testimonial Small Group Training, Rudolf (55), Art Transport

I started training with Paula on Sunday's at the beach in the summer of 2016. We already knew each other from CrossFit, but as i'm a person who loves to be in nature, the idea of doing a training at the beach or in the forrest was something I wouldn't want to miss. Yes of course in the winter period we go inside, but as soon as we can, we go outside again.

Although i have quite some years of training I love the fact that she always keeps an eye on my technique and makes sure I use the right muscles in each movement. Because the group is small she can adjust the level of a training to what each of us needs. And sometimes I just love to have a heavy training until I literally fall down afterwards.


If you want to train with a fun group of people and have a coach that gives good advises and very diverse training, come and join us!

Testimonial Rehab / Prevention, Jose (53), IT and World Traveler

Paula and I met after a beachvolleybal tournament, I had just mentioned that this was going to be my last one for a while because I was getting a surgery on my shoulder. She asked me directly if I already had a plan for the rehab period after. I had only met with my doctor but I assumed I would work with a physiotherapist and he/she would bring me back to my level of playing sports. At that moment she gave me her contact details and told me that at any point I wanted some extra help I could give her a call. And after 3 months of physio I did, because yes the pain was gone but I still wasn't having the full capacity back in my arm and shoulder to be able to play beachvolleybal again.


Now 8,5 years later we are still training together, because she didn't just got the shoulder fully functioning again but she also made me enjoy the training sessions and see them as a challenge by themselves. Half of the time we train inside and half of the time we train outside, and sometimes we go for a run together at the beach and she adds extra exercises for me to do.


In general my goal is to always reach the end of the training and still be able to ride my bike back home. As long as I can do that I'm a happy person.


I would recommend Paula as a trainer, as she is someone who doesn't let you get a way with "half work ethic", but does listen carefully to find the difference between pain and aches.

Testimonial Personal Training, Samuel (24), business owner

I have trained with Martijn for six months. During this time, he has helped me make big improvements to my life, both physically and mentally. Before Martijn’s training, I felt skinny, weak and unconfident about my appearance. Thanks to Martijn’s schedule, nutritional support and training expertise, I have built muscle mass and become much stronger in a short time.

He is easy to get along well, and provides a lot of helpful advice in every session. I now feel happier about myself and more confident, which has helped in all parts of my life. I would strongly recommend Martijn as a trainer to anyone who wants to improve their life by achieving their physical training goals.

Testimonial Personal Training, Danielle (38), Quality Assurance Education TU Delft

A friend of mine suggested Paula to me when I was looking for a personal trainer. After my pregnancy I wanted to play beachvolleybal again, but in the period working towards that goal I went through a series of continuous injuries. First the instability of my pelvis, than my lower back started to hurt, than the calf and ankle. I had trouble finding my limits and respect them in order to build up my strength and conditioning.


When Paula and I met there was a very good "click" from the start, she took the time to listen to my whole story, asked a lot of questions to find out what my real goal was. Not just to be able to play beachvolleybal again, but also to trust my body again and that it can do the things I want. Each time we start a training session she always asks how I am doing/feeling and adjusts the training where needed. This is important for me because I know that even if i'm really tired, I can still train and be happy with what I can do.


She teaches me how to listen to my body, have a bit of patience with myself and my recovery. What I really love as well is when she shares her personal stories, because sometimes all I need is to see things from a different perspective.


So far we have been training for almost a year together and I am already looking forward to set goals after my current pregnancy and all that is to come! 


If you are looking for a trainer that listens to you, motivates you, gives you trust in your own abilities and challenges you, than I can recommend you to contact Paula and start training.