Small Group Training  (group of 2 - 3 - 4 people)*


Training together is always more fun with friends, family or colleagues. You can motivate each other or pull each other to the gym. The advantage of our Small Group Training is that a trainer explains your exercises and corrects you while you are doing them. You learn to train injury-free and you are guided towards your goals. So you always know what to do during your training.


At the start of the training the trainer will ask how you feel today. Whether there are any physical limitations or maybe you are not feeling well and we will adjust the training to what you need at that moment.


You work with your own training schedule tailored to your goal. We use an app for this, in which we can also track your measurements and, if desired, track and adjust your nutrition. This way you can also train independently, anytime and anywhere, outside of the Small Group Training.


*only on fixed times in the afternoon